Update: NVIDIA Optimus/CUDA unter Ubuntu

Ubuntu unterstützt proprietäre ATI/NVIDIA Treiber, aber bei aktuellen Notebooks wird es kompliziert.

In meinem speziellen Fall geht es um einen Laptop mit Intel i7 und NVIDIA GEFORCE GT540M inklusive CUDA.

Weder vorhandene Treiber noch manuelle Installation von der NVIDIA-Homepage brachten Ergebnisse.
Ebenfalls das ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates hat keinen Erfolg gebracht.

Dann kam ich jedoch auf Bumblebee und es läuft wunderbar. Installation unter Ubuntu:
add-apt-repository ppa:bumblebee/stable
apt-get update
apt-get install bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia
usermod -a -G bumblebee $USER

Ein Spiel/Programm kann nun auch über die GPU gestartet werden:
optirun software-name

Ich hoffe, dass ich damit einige Frust auflösen konnte.

Quelle: Bumblebee – Ubuntu Wiki

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  1. Hallo Robert,

    leider gibt es mit Pangolin ein wenig Probleme, dort läuft Bumblebee leider nicht. Wenn man versucht mit optirun eine Anwendung zu starten bekommt man die folgende Fehlermeldung:

    [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU – error: X did not start properly
    [ERROR]Aborting because fallback start is disabled.

    Bugreport ist wohl schon erstellt.



    1. Ja das stimmt, ich konnte den selben Fehler reproduzieren.
      Bis zum offiziellen Release ist auch noch ein wenig Zeit.
      Ich gebe Bescheid, sobald der Bug behoben ist.

    1. We tried this, to no avail. What we found was that we had to a) first install the OS wothiut the nVidia cardb) forcibly rename the nouveau.ko module in the /lib/modules tree to nouveau.ko.not-workingc) blacklist the nouveau driverd) reboot the unit, and verify that they didnt come back.e) install the nVidia drivers from nVidia. I had to force the kernel module build/install even wothiut the card.e) power off the unit, put in the nVidia card in. Power it back on.Voila. This worked. The link you provided, didn’t work.So maybe the brain-trust at Canonical and in Ubuntu-land can tell me, exactly, how is this to work with a laptop with a nice nVidia card in it, which we can’t take out and do this procedure with?No, Ubuntu lost themselves a whole bunch of customers with this. If you are from Ubuntu or Canonical, and you read this, it was a very poor decision to render it effectively impossible for mere mortals to chose the driver set they wish to use.I want to use nVidia’s drivers, as I want a) real 3D capability, b) CUDA capability. Neither of which is possible in the current Nouveau.Which, given the direction of accelerated computing on GPUs, and its current focus on CUDA, will very likely be seen as a massive strategic blunder on the part of Canoncial. This decision on their part effectively removes them from consideration for one of the fastest growing aspects of the Linux desktop market.Brilliant move. Really. (where’s that HTML sarcasm tag when you need it).@BrandonYeah, they have been making progressively poorer decisions since 9.04. I am not sure I like 9.04, it is on my laptop and my desktop, and it was a major struggle to get nVidia drivers on there correctly. Their perl build was ok (far better than RedHat), but some of their other bits were rather bad.But as you point out, the other choices are also equally going downhill. Fedora has some serious issues. It has a marginally stable kernel, and it is changing too rapidly to use as a stable desktop/laptop. SuSE is fundamentally in a world of its own. It used to be one of the better distributions, recent experience suggests it is not worth using (OpenSuSE or SLES). RedHat is very far behind on too many things to be useful on the desktop, just try to compile some of the packages that need a modern Gnome or modern X. Yeah, it will do nVidia drivers sanely. But it is notorious for having broken Perl distributions.This is really sad. We lost a focus on providing the best possible user environment, and instead, we have ideology (mis)guiding various driver/package choices. Its almost enough to make one want to use a Mac.I want stuff to work. I don’t want ideology.

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